Program Learning Outcomes

Our faculty members work to prepare students for a holistic understanding of the knowledge and skills of the discipline. Upon completion of the degree, we expect students to demonstrate the following for the major and minor:

1. Describe the underlying economic incentives and tradeoffs associated with the decisions made by individuals, firms, international organizations and governments.

2. Apply economic concepts in analyzing policy debates and evaluating policy outcomes.

3. Design and conduct research that can inform managerial and economic policy making, including by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data using relevant software.

4. Demonstrate critical, evidence-based, thinking about economic phenomena, whether encountered in coursework or in media reports, so that students can evaluate the accuracy of hypotheses presented.

5. Communicate clearly and cogently in written and oral form in academic and professional environments.

To further one's understanding of the possible careers in this field, we recommend visiting the American Economic Association website: https://www.aeaweb.org/resources/students/careers