World-Class Researchers

Students studying economics at UC Merced have the opportunity to participate in research projects that answer compelling questions.

Close Interactions

UC Merced professors take pride in getting to know students, making for a better learning environment and offering opportunities for mentorship.

Department News

Fall and Spring 2014 will see the addition of four Economics faculty: Professors Justin Cook, Rowena Gray, Gabriela Rubio and Ketki Sheth.

Professor Rowena Gray has received the 2014 Larry Neal Prize for best article in the journal Explorations in Economics History.

Professor Greg Wright joined EU Commissioner Laszlo Andor for a panel discussion of Immigration, Intra-EU Mobility and Growth.

Professor Justin Cook's work on the Natural Selection of Infectious Disease Resistance will be published in the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Welcome to the economics program at the University of California, Merced.

  • UC Merced is creating a dynamic, research-focused economics program. We emphasize applied research and publish in the top academic journals in our fields. This year, we are pleased to add Professors Justin Cook, Rowena Gray, Gabriela Rubio and Ketki Sheth to our ambitious and diverse faculty.
  • UC Merced has an undergraduate degree track designed to be flexible to accommodate various interests and career objectives in economics. Students enjoy exceptional access to the faculty. Every member of the faculty teaches undergraduate courses, and many of our courses are taught by professors who have won acclaim for their teaching.
  • Pursuing graduate studies in economics at UC Merced prepares students for positions in universities, in the private sector, and in government and non-profit organizations. Students work closely with faculty, and most students receive financial support for their entire residency in the department.







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