Close Interactions

UC Merced professors take pride in getting to know students, striving to make a better learning environment and offering opportunities for mentorship.

Applied Economics

Students studying economics at UC Merced have the opportunity to participate in research projects that answer compelling questions.

Department News

Ana Tur-Prats work on the long-run determinants of intimate-partner violence is forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics.

LPSOE Jesus Sandoval-Hernandez received the Outstanding Chicanx/Latinx Faculty Member from the graduating class of 2017.

Professor Andrew Johnston's work on Unemployment Insurance and the labor supply is forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy.

Professor Kurt Schnier discusses barriers to organ donation.



Welcome to the economics program at the University of California, Merced.

  • UC Merced is creating a dynamic, research-focused economics program. We emphasize applied research and publish in the top academic journals in our fields. This year, we are pleased to add Professors Christian Fons-Rosen and Ana Tur-Prats to our ambitious and diverse faculty.
  • UC Merced has an undergraduate degree track designed to accommodate various interests and career objectives in Economics and Management. Students can choose one of two Majors: a B.A. in Economics or a B.S. in Management and Business Economics. Alternatively, students can choose to Minor in either program. Each member of the faculty teaches undergraduate courses, and many of our courses are taught by professors who have won acclaim for their teaching.
  • Learn more about Women in Econ! Or listen to the St. Louis Fed's podcast on Women in Econ!
  • A nice introduction to the value of an economics education: Why Everyone Should Take Microeconomics
  • Economics can lead to a wide range of careers. This video provides an excellent overview and discusses the status of women in economics: http://scholar.harvard.edu/goldin/UWE


Our Students

Students majoring in Economics at UC Merced have gone on to do impressive things. For example:

David Do, a 2009 graduate, is Director of Washington, D.C.'s Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs.

Brandon Ruscoe was honored as one of Merced's "20 under 40" rising stars 

Nick Fong served as a University Innovation Fellow.