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Graduate Student Achievments

Exciting news about our graduate students!

  • Second-year student Kris Gulati was awarded a $50,000 Wikimedia Research and Technology Fund grant by the Wikimedia Foundation to look at its role in shaping and directing science. Gulati, who works with Chair of Department of Economics and Business Management Professor Christian Fons-Rosen, is interested in the economics of science and innovation.

  • Second-year Jose Rosa wins the Economics Department Outstanding TA Award 2022. Students described him as "the best TA that I have encountered during my college career" and expressed that they "couldn't have passed the class without him".
  • New student Zhangping Cai was awarded Ellis Perry Fellowship for 2022-23. She is coming to UC Merced to work with Ana Tur Prats on domestic violence.
  • Second-year Raymond Kim to present at EBHS, the Economic and Business History Society conference, in May 2022 in Salt Lake City. He will discuss his work on the impacts of civil service programs on historical policing.
  • Second-year Tony Hua will participate in Chapman University ESI's 2022 Graduate Student Workshop in Experimental Economics.
  • Second-year Raymond Kim was accepted to this year's ASREC Graduate Student Workshop "Introduction to the Economics of Religion" at Chapman University.